The Writing Process

Needless to say we had a blast writing and recording the songs...

The process basically worked like this: Maud started writing the script -including all lyrics- and supplied Francine with it and she would subsequently start writing the music to the songs. Francine would then get the draft music to Maud for comments and we would work together on perfecting the songs. Some songs ("Lost Forever I & II", "The Coven Song" -plus reprise- and "Full Circle") Francine and Maud co-wrote.

When we finished the writing process, we recorded all vocal lines ourselves to complete the songs. Or so we thought, because once that was done, we figured we might as well try to record an actual demo and call on some friends to do the vocals for the different characters.

Those recordings took a little time, since we had to accommodate 9 different schedules for the sessions.

And then of course the mixing started. We’d never done any of that before, so it was quite a challenge...

We hope you enjoy listening to these songs as much as we've enjoyed writing and recording them!
-Francine and Maud

Here’s some more info on the songs you can listen to on the site:

In this second song of the musical, we tried to merge the intensely gloomy feel of the introductory song "Not Asking For Much" with the introduction of Goltar’s strong and evil character to the scene, which we wanted to get a little bit heavier. Funny thing was that when we first started recording the demo, we didn’t have a whole lot of equipment available: only one set of decent headphones! Of course Rinus used those when he recorded the song, so we couldn’t hear the music playing at all. And Rinus -to say the least- did not stick to the initial vocal line. We glanced over at each other with a look clearly saying, "Oh my God! What the hell is he doing?!?!". But when we played back the full recording, we were very pleasantly surprised at how Rinus had completely captured Goltar’s creepy character!

We found ourselves stuck for a while with this one, mainly because Thessya had a whole lot to explain in this song. We feared the song would become too long and thereby dreary. But the vocal talents of Hélčne and adding the Storyteller’s meddling took care of that...

One of the songs Maud and Francine co-wrote. Objective was to get a gospely / bluesy feel, representing the intentions of the coven and get a swinging song for them after "Dreamsong". Also it gave us a chance to introduce some more harmonies.

Representing the clash between good and evil, we wanted to create an obvious difference between the two, but not let the part of the Bright Spirit get too mushy. That proved easier than we thought once we recorded it with the experienced, strong vocals of Mitch van Leeuwen and Rinus van Willigen.

The final song had to become something extra special of course. Combining two initially separate song ideas was a challenge, not to mention getting the 5 different vocal lines sorted out for the introduction to the second half of the song! We didn’t cut ourselves any slack using some not so common combinations of chords in the switch between the low- and up-tempo bits either.