Witch Haunt Introduction


In the last few years existing musicals are being "recycled" frequently in Holland. In October of 1998 we (Francine Genis and Maud Kramer) went to see a performance of Hair for the umpteenth time. Although it was the jubilee production and we were very enthusiastic about the performance, we were surprised at the fact that there is so little under the sun when it comes to new productions in the Dutch musical scene.

"Surely we can better this!?" Heartily, we laughed at this audacious remark, but the longer we thought about it, the more eager we grew to try. Eventually, we started our serious attempt to write a musical in December 1998.

Or course we needed a subject first. Love stories are indispensable, but writing a second West Side Story or a Madame Butterfly hardly met with our aspirations. We wanted something different.

Slowly, the plot formed in our minds. We agreed almost immediately that our musical should be in English, since we felt that Dutch ballads quickly fall into over-sentimental tear-jerkers, something we were not really aiming for.

Once the decision on the subject of the musical was made, our musical-pursuits took off. Maud went on to write the script and the lyrics and Francine went on to compose the music. During some brainstorming sessions a few songs were written together.

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