Witch Haunt Story

The Story

In medieval times, Merlin tried to resolve the battle between good and evil with the help of a witch named Thessya, who used black magic. This attempt went horribly wrong, leaving the two of them cursed to roam the earth eternally.

When their descendants, Rowan and Gwen, meet in a library, they immediately feel connected. They fall desperately in love, but evil stands in the way! Gwen is tortured by the most dreadful nightmares about the evil spirit Goltar, who is responsible for casting the curse on Merlin and Thessya.

In order for them to be freed from evil, the horrifying task of lifting the curse awaits Gwen and Rowan.

Thessya, prompted by the chance to have the curse lifted, informs Rowan of what happened and directs him towards an ancient castle situated in Cornwall, from where Gwen's family originates. Months and months go by as Rowan travels the county of Cornwall in search of the family castle, missing Gwen terribly.
At long last, he finds the ruins of what must have been the most beautiful and majestic castle. Rowan plucks up his courage and rings the doorbell. An elderly English woman answers the door and invites him in for tea.

When telling her his story, her eyes begin to flicker with recognition and excitement. As witchcraft has remained a part of the family's heritage throughout the centuries, she calls a meeting with the Coven of which she is a member. After debating amongst themselves, they decide to help poor Rowan.

Rowan flies back to the States to fetch Gwen. Upon seeing her, he is shocked by her appearance. The months he had spent in England had not done her any good at all!

With Gwen's life hanging by a thread, they leave for England to face the great demon.

And so the war between good and evil blazes up again. But the question, of course, is: who will win?

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