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The Songs

This page features a description of the songs from Witch Haunt. Edited highlights of key tracks will be denoted by the symbol. These tracks have been compressed for quicker downloads in the MP3 format. Please keep in mind that these excerpts are lower in quality than the ones available on the compact disc and do not represent the true fidelity of the selections. We have supplied them simply to give you an idea of where the songs are going. Enjoy!

Not asking for much
Thessya begs forgiveness for all her sins. An epic song that sets the pace for things to come. Well begun is half done as they say.

Never before
Goltar's introduction to his wicked self. Rock on, you evil dude!

Gwen vs Goltar
A duet between the good-hearted and the ghastly. Let yourself be moved by Gwen's harpsichord-accompanied plea for rest and be very afraid of Goltar's fully instrumented chilly sarcasm.

Hole in my life
Gwen has the blues all right!

All the time
A timeless ballad-duet between Gwen and Rowan about love at first sight.

Divine Intervention
Merlin steps in, accompanied by a string of violins.

Thessya's story & Reprise
Thessya explains. Pop music at its best.

Lost forever I & II
Never has there been a more romantic ballad than this. Be carried away by this musical personification of Gwen and Rowan.

One big mess
Merlin and Thessya go at it! Of course our trusted storyteller has something to say about it as well. Swing, baby, swing!

A lullaby by the Coven, as harmonious as they are.

The Coven Song & Reprise
Blues and gospel are mixed exquisitely by the Coven.

My family
Gwen's aunt Fiona tells her life-story to Rowan in a rather old fashioned and very English way.

Join in; this song is for everyone, by everyone.

Who do you think you are?
The final confrontation between good and evil. A spectacle of complete fireworks!

Rowan's story
Accompanied by several pianos, Rowan discloses all!

Leave this place
The choir doing their a capella thing.

Full circle
The final song. Composed of three stages and cleverly joined to form a magnificent and worthy ending to a compelling story of good and evil! You will still be humming the melody when you are driving home.

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