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Credit where credit is due!

Maud and Francine would like to thank everyone participating in this musical for their efforts. Their enthusiasm has been an inspiration!


The vocals in this musical were done by a small bunch of friends, which accounts for the double parts. Although they might sometimes lack perfection, they certainly made up for it with their enthusiasm!

Thessya's part was sung by Hélène Verbraak, who is our vocal teacher. She has studied at the Conservatorium in Holland and 1 year at the Boston College of Music in the United States of America. Since then she has sung different styles in several bands and has taught singing for some years. Presently, she organises group and individual singing courses herself.

Goltar's part was done by Rinus van Willigen, a 25 year veteran of the music business! He was the singer in professional bands like Tip On In (blues) and the Anton Geesink Band (blues-rock) which were quite successful. Presently, he sings in the rock band The Urn, who have recorded several CD's and are successful in both Holland and Germany. Other artistic pursuits include painting and composing.

The parts of Gwen and Sheryll have both been done by Francine Genis. In 1997, Maud convinced her to join a group singing course taught by Hélène. Enjoying this thoroughly, she went on to take individual singing lessons which inspired her to compose her own songs. This newly discovered passion led to building her own home studio in 1998 in which all music and vocals of the musical have been written and recorded. She has also been in bands as a keyboard player and backing vocalist.

Rowan was played by Bart van Gelderen. From the get-go, he has been singing and accompanying himself on the guitar. He has played in several bands including a professional cover band, by which he was able to make a good living for three years. He has composed music for a play written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his school in Breda and has also starred in a musical called "Het spook van de concertzaal" ("the phantom of the music hall", not the opera!) in 1993. Currently he is studying Public Administration in Rotterdam and is playing in his new cover band Be Sharp.

Storyteller in "Thessya's story", Coven Member No.3 and Fiona were all done by Maud Kramer. Due to a lack of male singers she also performed the part of Merlin. For five years, Maud sang in a church choir which had a repetoire of traditional hymnes and modern pop covers. They also had yearly performances of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Years later she took part in said group singing course and took individual lessons from Hélène after that. From 1995-2000 she was the Dutch chapter head of the Metallica Fanclub in Holland for which she had written many newsletters and organised several gatherings.

Mitch van Leeuwen also played a double role, that of Bright Spirit and Minister. Furthermore, he shared the Storyteller's part with Maud and did the song "One big mess". He has taken singing lessons for over 7 years now and took part in the musical course in Tilburg. Over the years he has starred in Miss Saigon as Chris (Vught), in Grease as Danny (Drunen), in Caren the musical as Dick, in Jesus Christ Superstar as Peter (Tilburg), the Dutch versions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and 101 Dalmations plus in two Tilburgse Revues.

Annemarie Duijvestijn sang the part of Wendy. She has been singing in a youth choir since she was twelve, singing traditional hymnes, modern popsongs and songs from Jesus Christ Superstar. She has also had singing lessons for two years. With her distinct bluesy voice she has been the lead singer of several bands over the years.

Additional instruments

Electric guitar on "Never before" by Rob Ockenburg.
Additional keyboards on "Hole in my life" by Michel Michilsen.
Mouth organ on "Thessya's story" by Francine Genis.

Additional thanx to:

Vince Genis and Michel Michilsen for tech support (where would we be without you guys?!), Roald Kramer for script screening and feedback, Hélène Verbraak for vocal support and Jameson Calantoc for creating our webpage!

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