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He obviously does not approve of some of the other characters, but tells a good story nonetheless!

A 72 year old witch in the days of King Arthur, who has been practising black magic all of her life. Although she is not particularly remorseful about her sins, the thought of hell scares her enough to try and redeem her soul.

Yes: THE Merlin, the wizard to King Arthur. In his arrogance he thought he could settle the everlasting struggle between good and evil. He pays for this haughtiness dearly when the curse has consequences for life and death.

The most evil spirit of them all, especially if he is in a bad mood! Believe us when we tell you, you don't want to mess with him!

A 22 year old girl whose adoptive American parents were killed in a plane crash when Gwen was 18. She does not know who her birth parents were or what her original last name was. All she does know is that she was born in Cornwall, England and has a family pendant to show for it. Gwen is quite psychic and has horrific nightmares for which she desperately tries to find an explanation. With her big eyes and attractive appearance she has made many heads turn.

A 24 year old orphan boy, whose family came from England to the United States 2 centuries ago. Because of the premonitions he has been having all his life, he has become very interested in the paranormal. Oftentimes he can be found in the library, reading up on the weirdest subjects. Rowan is a handsome bloke who stands tall in a crowd.

Gwen's very English and ancient great aunt who has the biggest heart in the world. She believes she is the last of her family and lives in the family castle with her smelly old mothball of a cat. Unfortunately, the castle is now falling to ruins because Fiona is too old to take care of it. Fiona is the oldest member of the Coven.

Originally from Wales, she now lives in Cornwall with her husband. She is the leader of the Coven, consisting of her and 12 other women. She is what one could call a white witch.

An elderly woman who is Wendy's assistant. She drives Fiona to and from the Coven meetings.

Coven Member No. 3
Another Coven member who can be very sceptical and cynical. She is not a very positive person at all.

Bright Spirit
Once human, he knows the pain of mankind. A long time ago he sacrificed himself for the greater good. This left him believing in one getting what one deserves and one deserving what one gets. He is firm but fair.

The luckiest sod of them all, assuring a happy ending!

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